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Clean Vents Hawaii


Clean Vents Hawaii
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We provide residential and commercial air duct cleaning and maintenance service, replace ducts and filters, clean the H.V.A.C. unit and clean dryer vents. We’re quick and effective system specialists.

E Komo Mai (Welcome) to Our Company,  Clean Vents Hawaii, LLC

Our air duct cleaning services include removing debris but also mildew, cleaning all parts of the H.V.A.C. system, and taking care of the dryer vents. We clean residential air ducts, offer duct and HVAC maintenance, clean and replace filters, repair damaged joints and replace ducts. Our team works with the most modern machinery in Hawaii.

What you can’t see can hurt you.

Clean dryer vents conserve energy, save you money, protect your health and they could save your life. The typical dryer lint trap captures only 60% of the lint. The other 40% can accumulate in your dryer vent system, lowering the system’s efficiency and increasing the hazard of fire. Blocked or incorrect vents can also increase the risk of air borne contaminants.
Energy Conservation Keeping your vents clean conserves energy. The typical dryer cycle costs up to $1.00. A clogged vent takes more energy and more time to dry the same amount of clothes. Ultimately you will have to pay more money to dry your clothes and to replace your dryer sooner.
Air Quality for Health
Keeping your dryer vents and air conditioning ducts clean promotes better air quality. Excess lint in your dryer vents can eventually back up entering your home and contaminating your living space.  As for your air-conditioning systems airborne contaminants and mold can spread in your home and threaten your family’s health.
Benefits of A/C Duct Cleaning
While our specialty is dryer vents, we also offer air conditioning duct cleaning. Clean air conditioning ducts lead to cooler and healthier environments. In addition to cleaning your ducts, we also use a microbial fogger to sanitize them, removing and neutralizing virtually all of the dust and bacteria that can produce harmful mold.
  • Air Filter Cleansing Services
  • Air Duct Sanitizing
  • Condenser Component Cleansing
  • Exhaust System Cleansing
  • Testing your Air Quality

In addition, we use our state of the art air duct cleansing machine to do the following:

  • Cleansing all air and heating ducts systems
  • Remediation of mold, bacteria and mildew
  • Eliminate smoke odors, moisture and damp rot

Commercial duct cleansing is very important to our air duct cleansing company. The same dust, dirt, and debris that can build up in your home can occur in your commercial ducts as well. Clean air is important to the employees and equally essential to the customers. We provide our complete variety of commercial duct cleansing services to all commercial businesses.  Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Air Quality Checking
  • Air Vent Cleansing
  • Professional Duct System Cleansing
Our Goal
Clean Vents Hawai’i services the greater Big Island area cleaning dryer vents, air conditioning ducts and replacing filters. Our goal is to provide you with a service that benefits you with both fire safety and energy efficiency.  Preventive maintenance is something that we take very seriously as there are 15,600 fires caused every year by poorly installed or maintained dryer vents.